Testing & Maintenance

Field Services

Groves provides a variety of electrical testing and maintenance services including but not limited to:

  • Testing Gauges
  • Mobile Oil Processing
  • Transformer Performance
  • Breaker Function
  • Insulating Mediums
  • Infrared Survey
  • Equipment Install & Retrofit
  • Maintenance Services
  • And much, much more

Our electrical testing and maintenance division is designed to help you avoid downtime. By addressing issues before they become fail points, we help keep your business running smoothly.

Lab Services

NAIL accredited laboratory

Groves offers an in-house, NAIL-certified independent laboratory committed to testing electrical protective equipment.

ASTM Inspections & Tests:

  • Gloves D120, F496
  • Sleeves D1051, F496
  • Blankets D1048, F479
  • Line Hose D1050, F478
  • Covers D1049, F478
  • Hot Sticks F711
  • Aerial Devices ANSI A92.2
  • Bucket Liners ANSI A92.2
  • Temporary Ground Jumpers F2249
  • By-pass Jumpers F2321

Groves is a distributor of many safety equipment brands such as Hastings, Salisbury, New England Ropes, Buckingham and the American Polywater Corporation. We can provide your facility with the equipment it needs to keep your workers safe.

New England Ropes
American Polywater

Field Services Contact: Kris Rickard

Kris Rickard
(270) 836-2233

Kris has been with Groves for ten years. He is the Team Leader for the Engineering, Testing, and Maintenance Division. He likes hunting, fishing, and hanging out with his granddaughter when he is not at work. His favorite part of the job is when he gets to help customers stay ahead of outages and catastrophic failures with testing as a method of preventative maintenance.

PPE Lab Contact: George Petitt

George Petitt
(270) 875-3409

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