Jeff Groves

Jeff Groves


Jeff started with the company the day his parents bought it. In 1972 he was right there with them after school and on the weekends when the business was still run out of the basement of his childhood home. It was a simple, small operation at its start, but together they built the fundamentals that still govern Groves today. With just a couple of trucks and a handful of employees, they laid the groundwork that would turn into a business with over 400 employees just 50 years later.

Daily, he and his team work to continue the culture of safety, hard work, determination, loyalty, and commitment to family established by his parents. That has been the central theme of his career at Groves and he looks forward to continuing that work for years to come because that is what makes Groves so special.

After a few years away at college in the 70s, he decided it was time to return home and go to work. He didn’t walk back in the door anointed as the leader in training. That simply is not the Groves way. He came back to an entry level position and worked his way up the chain for 28 years before earning his current title of President in 2000. In 1991, having always wanted to go back and complete his college degree, Jeff earned a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from Evansville University.

Jeff loves talking to his coworkers and clients, improving people’s lives in real time. If you ask him what he loves about working for Groves, he will tell you it’s the power to make client’s problems disappear. They go from uncertainty to relief as soon as Groves takes the job on. The feeling of providing clients with that kind of comfort and surety never gets old for him.