Janet Sharber

Janet Sharber

Board Secretary & Treasurer

Being the daughter of founders Bill and Sue Groves, Janet Sharber started working at Groves at 16 cleaning bathrooms, helping with payroll, and learning the fundamentals of finances. Like so many other members of her family, she committed nights and weekends to supporting the family business in the early days. She recalls her parents deep commitment to the culture and success of the business fondly.

After proving herself part time, Janet spent 30 years as a full-time employee here. She’s run accounting, payroll, HR, and the finance department at different points in her career. She currently serves on the board of directors and supports the clerical and financial side of the business. Her deep expertise continues to be a great asset to Groves.

Nobody has a deeper family connection to Groves than Janet. Her husband and two sons also work here. She has loved sharing the legacy of what her mother and father created with her sons and other employees she has had the pleasure of working with. She wanted to teach others what her father taught her, which we often refer to as “the Groves way” around here: Work hard, finish what you start, do every job correctly no matter what, treat everyone with dignity, and be kind. Those are the values and culture that she was raised in, and she keeps it alive with the help of her family and coworkers.

Family isn’t just her life at work, you’ll also find her enjoying the company of her 5 beautiful grandchildren in her spare time. That’s more than a hobby, it’s a full-time job. But the benefits can’t be beat.